Monday, August 8, 2011

One! Singular Sensation!

Mikayla was Camera Shy.

My weekend was crazy.  Too crazy for one post.
So this post will be about the first crazy thing that happened.  If I feel like re-living the rest, I might write about it tomorrow…
Anyway, I was given free tickets to the production of “A Chorus Line.”  I was thrilled!  I love going to the theatre and will ALWAYS jump at the opportunity to see a Broadway show.
Besides, A Chorus Line is a very popular show.  I would even say it has a reputation for being a classic!  It was the “Wicked” of its decade!  You’d think with my passion for Broadway, I would have known more about the show.  I knew it was a show about dancers trying to make it, I knew (and have performed) a couple songs from the show, but I had no idea it wasn’t kid friendly. 
So I loaded up my baby sister and thought we would enjoy a nice day at the theatre! 
Boy was I wrong. 
The show was so incredibly raunchy!   With all of the crude humor, the song about boobs and butts (those weren’t the words used for those body parts.  You can Google to find out), and the story about a young boys “naughty” dreams…I was practically falling out of my chair!
You are probably thinking “did you leave at intermission?” 
NOPE!  You want to know why?!?
Get this: The Saturday matinee showing didn’t have an intermission!!! (I’m guessing to have enough time for the evening show) CRAZY!  
So now you are probably thinking: “did you just get up and leave in the middle of the show?”
NOPE!  My free seats were actually really good!! In the second row! Normally I would be thrilled; however…I didn’t feel comfortable getting up because I was within eye shot of the Actors.  And being the actress (at heart) that I am, I knew it would be soo rude if I got up and left!
So Mikayla and I just sat there, FOR TWO HOURS, and uncomfortably SQUIRMED in our seats.
I’m such a good big sister. 
Sorry Mom!  Mikayla just got a lesson in the male and female anatomy.   Just be glad you didn’t have to suffer though the awkwardness. 

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