Monday, August 1, 2011

Cake on Fire

My birthday was so good this year.  I had a THREE day celebration!! 

I will give you the play-by-play but first I have a special message for my facebook friends:

Thank you…I love the facebook tradition of bombarding your friends with sweet birthday wishes.  I know it is just a click or two, and only takes a few seconds, but I couldn’t help but feel happy every time I saw a notification pop up on my phone informing me of your post!  I just wanted to tell you (because I don’t think a status of gratitude is enough) thanks for all the love!

Okay so my birthday weekend began Thursday with my sister and friends.  I arrived at her salon (thinking I would be waiting on her to finish up a client) and was surprised with a night filled with pampering.  She did my hair and makeup (while I sipped on pina coladas!) and we went out for dinner and dancing!  She even got me this adorable zebra cake! : )

I had the best time!  To top it all off, the next day I was treated to a facial! IT. WAS. AMAZING!   Thanks Court!!

Friday, my dad took us to one of my favorite places: PF Changs.  We had lettuce wraps, fried green beans, chicken, steak, and shrimp.  We ended our food binge at the house with a homemade strawberry cake! Yum! 

Saturday, (yes the third and final day of my food binge birthday celebration!) I went to my Moms.  We had my FAVORITE meal.  Shish kabobs, homemade fried okra, twice baked potatoes, and my Grammy’s oriental salad! My Mom outdid herself! 

I have been telling everyone (since the day I joined weight watchers) that on my birthday I would go crazy, and I did just that.  I ate probably HALF of a cookie cake in about a 48 hour span. 

Not to mention the TWO other cakes I munched on days earlier.  And yes, I haven’t forgotten about the cotton candy! I finished off the weekend with dinner at Taco Bueno.  Oh lordy! (more like lardy!) I think I lost my mind!

I need to go to weight watchers confession, I feel so guilty.  I’m going to have to repent!

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