Friday, August 5, 2011


Okay I give in.
I’ve been a bad girl.  I’m back on the plan!  The Weight Watchers plan. 
I went to my meeting last night and weighed in (for the first time in weeks).  I gained.
It’s the FIRST time since joining last January that I have gained!  It is horrible. 
During “share” time I wasn’t able to participate (because who in their right mind would admit to gaining weight at a Weight Watchers meeting!) 
I normally love share time.  You get to raise your hand and say “I’ve lost 2 pounds this week!!” And everyone claps and cheers…sometimes you even get a sticker!  (It’s the small things in life people!)
However, I did (yay!!) get a BRAVO sticker for offering some “tips” about snacking healthy!  
I know kinda hypercritical considering, but I didn’t let my guilty conscience get the best of me…I took that sticker and slapped it on my weight loss record book!  

Yes right on top of that weight gain!
better luck next week!

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