Tuesday, August 9, 2011

...and the craziness continues.

Part two of my crazy weekend.
As most of you know (via facebook) my parent’s neighborhood was almost demolished by a grass fire. 
I met my Mom and Step dad Saturday to pick up my sister for the show.  As we were leaving, my Mom says: “call me and let me know how the show was!” 
(Imagine my anxiety)
 I swallowed my nerves and called my Mom to let her know what I had done.  She answers the phone and immediately I can tell something is wrong.  I try to carry on the conversation, when finally I ask: “is there something wrong?”  thinking she was mad at me.
She replies something like: “I’m packing the house.  There is a grass fire close by. I cant talk, gotta go –click” she hung up. 
As we are making our drive home, (sister is spending the week with me) I’m wondering if I should mention this to Mikayla or keep it to myself, my mood has immediately changed.  I know she can sense something is wrong so I decided to just tell her.  She is amazingly calm.  I think she even said “well I packed all my favorite cloths!”
So my night was consumed with worry, stressful phone calls, and pacing the living room. 
This all went down around 7:00-ish.  My Mom and Step dad weren’t let back into their neighborhood until around midnight!
For FIVE HOURS we had no idea if our house survived! 
In the mean time, my sister’s friends were sending us pictures of HUGE clouds of smoke on our street.  The pictures reminded me of what NYC looked like when the towers were collapsing. I mean It-was-huge! The clouds of smoke looked like they were engulfing homes and roads!  
Did I mention that my mom and step dad were leaving for Jamaica THE NEXT DAY at 6:00am! 
Our house was fine!  Praise God!  The grass and trees were burnt but the homes in our neighborhood were safe.  I think God place a shield around them.   
Sunday, at church, we talked about BOLD prayers; asking God to do something out of the ordinary.
I thought to myself, I did some bold praying and he answered!
Let this be a lesson:  when things seem out of control, and you feel like your situation is IMPOSSIBLE, ask for God’s help! 
Nothing it too big, or too small, for him.
Stay tuned for part three! (yes there's more...)

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