Monday, August 29, 2011

Queen of the Grass!

This past weekend was an absolute delight. 
My precious baby niece (okay she’s not really a baby, she’s 2) and her momma (my step sister) came to Oklahoma for a visit.
My mom has been keeping Reagan this week while Heather was on a business trip.   
I was super excited to spend the day with them; I even took off work early!
So imagine my disappointment when (after only spending an hour or so with her) Reagan decided she didn’t like me! WHAT!?! I know. Crazy!!
When I first arrived she was friendly and talkative, it wasn’t until we picked up my little sister from high school that she decided I was no longer a friend.  (My mom says three girls don’t play well…)
Reagan has this handheld mirror (similar to the one in beauty and the beast)…she liked to hold it up to people and say things like: “You’re so beautiful” or “you’re so cute!”  Anyway, she goes around doing this to my mom and sister, when she gets to me she says: “you’re so mean!!”  I about died!
I played with her, I showered her with complements, I even let her ride around on my shoulders (while she yelled “giddy up horsy!”) nothing seemed to win her over!
Later, my mother and I took Mikalya to meet my dad for the weekend.  When we were leaving, Reagan said bye to my mom and sister, told them she loved them…then she just looked over at me and said “not you!”
It wasn’t until we got rid of my little sister that she began warming up to me!
So the next day we are all sitting outside on the patio.  My mom had two fly swatters on the table (the flies were terrible!).  Reagan grabbed one and began running around the yard, twirling around.  She looked as though she was using it as a pretend wand.
A few minutes later, she came over and gave me the other swatter and led me into the grass.  She began saying “BB, Queen of the grass!” 
 It was so cute!  Finally this precious girl sees me for who I really am!  A queen!  She has let me into her little world and I am totally eating it up!  I began spinning and twirling the wand.  I went over to the adults and announced “Reagan says I’m queen of the grass!!”  so proud!
Little Reagan follows me over to the Adults and says “BB, queen of the grass” her mom starts cracking up!  I’m standing there with this confused expression on my face…apparently Reagan wasn’t saying BB, queen of the grass…she was saying “BB, CLEAN UP THE GRASS!”
O.M.G. guess what she wanted me to do.  My stepdad uses this little rake to flick the dog poop over the fence.
She wanted me to use the fly swatter (pretend rake) to flick the poop over the fence so SHE could twirl around and be the princess… I give up!

Well, maybe she likes me a little : )

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Weight Watchers Lunch Club. 

A couple ladies in my offices and I began a lunch club.  This week is our first week.

I’m pretty excited about it!

There are four members.  Each day one of us cooks a “weight watchers” meal. 
Today was my day.  I made tomato-basil chicken with an oriental salad.  It was delish (if I do say so myself)!!

However, getting it all put together was a little challenging. 

Theoretically, we choose meals that are easy to make and can be re-heated (because we don’t have a full kitchen).  I decided to make the chicken on my George Foreman grill at the office.

Rewind to Last night:

I went to a friend’s birthday dinner (an hour’s drive) and I didn’t get home until way past my bed time.  So of course I thought: “I will get up early, thaw and marinate the chicken, cook the salad toppings, and make the dressing.”  I was ambitious. 

So due to the fact that I stayed up late, I was VERY sleepy this morning and hit my snooze FOUR times!!  I forgot all about my domestic duties!  By the time I remembered, I was walking out the door!

My chicken was still frozen people! 

I spent my entire drive to work trying to come up with an excuse or a plan to avoid being kicked out of WWLC.  If you know me, you understand how important it is that I always “have it all together.” 

Actually, I always spend lots of time planning and making lists.  I can’t believe that I didn’t think ahead and get the dish ready before the party! 

Anyway, I snuck out of the office (drove like a mad woman) and went home.  I speed thawed the chicken and whipped up that salad and toppers.  I was back at work in 30 minutes.  No one even realized that I forgot! 

I felt like Rachel Ray…except my 30 minute meal included driving time!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

false alarm!

As I had anticipated, I finished the third and final book of my series.   I read ALL DAY LONG Sunday.  It was amazing.  I didn’t fix my hair or put on makeup; I sat in my pajamas and relaxed.  It was so refreshing.  I did cry my eyes out at the end!   I have grown to love the characters as if they are real people!  It is crazy to think about how emotionally invested I became but it was a nice escape from reality. 
Sunday morning I woke up with a missed call from my dear friend Autumn.
 I know I have mentioned her before, but for those of you that forgot, Autumn is 37-38 weeks into her pregnancy.    She’s probably going to go into labor any day now. 
So when I woke up and noticed a missed call from Autumn (at 9:00 am!) I panicked!  I knew that normally, Autumn would be in church and wouldn’t be calling me on a Sunday morning.  Immediately, I call her back and she doesn’t answer!
 I send her this text message:

She doesn’t respond.
My heart starts racing, I get really excited, I’m trying to decide if I should skip out on my day of reading, throw on some makeup (because if the baby is here, Aunt BB needs to look her best for the millions of photos that will be taken of her with her precious niece) and head towards Ardmore!  
I immediately go to facebook and creep on Autumn’s page, nothing.  I go to her husband’s page, nothing.  I get on google and “google” 37 weeks pregnant!! 
(I was desperate y’all!)
 I find out that if Autumn does go into labor the doctors wouldn’t stop it! 
So about the time I start heading for my makeup bag, my phone starts ringing.  It’s my dear friend Autumn.
false alarm.  She just wanted to chat! 
I told her that this is probably going to happen every time she calls until Ava arrives! So next time LEAVE A MESSAGE!! Something like: “Brittney, this is Autumn.  Don’t freak out!  I just want to chat!”
And if you are on your way to the hospital: CALL ME UNTIL I ANSWER! DON’T GIVE UP!
(note to self: ALWAYS sleep with your phone so you won’t miss “the” call!) 
In the mean time, I had about a 2 hour convo with my bestie!   I know our phone date days are about to expire, so I treasured every minute of our girl talk! 

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Sorry I have been MIA!

I have been spending all my free time reading.  I know I’m a nerd.

It’s been so long since I have read a book for personal enjoyment. 

In college, your life is consumed with reading journal articles, chapters, case studies, and so on.

You get to the point where you feel as though reading is a chore.  I quit reading novels (of any kind) and I would even skim through magazines, skipping over the articles!

The last semester of my senior year I stopped reading my text books!  I decided to “wing” it! …I still graduated with honors! : )

My little sister is an extreme reader; her life completely shuts down when she is captivated with a good book.  My mom has to practically FORCE her to eat and shower. 

Here is a picture of her book collection! 

She has read every single one of them!

So last week, a coworker recommended a good book series for me to read.  I wasn’t really excited about doing any reading but I gave it a chance. 

and guess what happened... 

I am acting just like my sister!   

Reading this book has taken place of updating my blog, watching TV, and I have to force myself to go to bed at night!  I am consumed with it!  It is a trilogy, in the last week I have read two of the three books.  I began the third tonight!  I’m sure by Monday I will have it finished. 

So because I have renewed my love for reading, I would love ANY good book recommendations. 

If you are an avid reader:  check out The Hunger Games!  But beware:  It will consume all of your spare time because you won’t be able to put it down!

For all of you that don’t like to read: don’t fret!  They are making a movie and it will be out in 2012! 

P.S. Holisso is "Chickasaw" for book!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bitter Sweet

It’s that time of the year again, back to school.
For me, this time of the year (for the past 18 years) is spent buying school supplies, clothing, back packs, meeting new classmates.  I’m excitedly anticipating sorority recruitment, football games, back to school parties, and an abundance of social events that take place in the fall.
This year, I am excited about nothing.  It’s so boring being a grown up.  I’m jealous of all my friends that are moving back to our little college town, going to parties, meeting new boys, and preparing for their classes.
It’s going to take some getting used to.  
So I decided that I would find something to look forward to. 
I thought about Halloween, but I realized that I probably won’t be attending my usual Halloween functions (due to the fact that I am supposed to be grown up now).
How about football? I won’t be attending anymore games as a student, but I am a lot closer to Norman, Maybe I can tailgate?  (yeah right)
I guess the most excitement I will see this fall is Black Friday.
Wait!  I know!! I’m excited that I won’t have ANY papers, finals, and late night study groups, expensive text books, not to mention the hassle to find a parking place!
My heavy reading list will include: Cosmo, People, In Style, Weight Watchers, and my romance novels.
Yes, it’s going to be a great fall semester!
Welcome back students!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

rain drops keep falling on my head

I love days like today.
I love the dreary skies and the cool breeze, the rain, the smells, it’s wonderful.
 I needed a relief from the hot temperatures.
Fall is my favorite time of the year, and today felt like fall.
I can’t wait for the leaves to change, the pumpkin spice candles, and the beautiful (jean wearing) weather. 
Today was just what I needed. 
Thank you mother nature!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Part Three…

Well it’s finally Sunday.
 Sister and I go to the late service at Church.   We had a big list of things to do that day, the first being a trip to Wal-Mart. Yuck.
Let me start by telling you how much I detest going to that dreadful place!  But unfortunately, in my town, Wal-Mart is our ONLY option. 
-The inevitable struggle of finding a decent parking spot (which has become a must thanks to the 112* temperature)
-The endless bumping into things-people-displays (because there isn’t enough space in the isles)
- Not to mention the slow shoppers.  You know what I’m talking about.  The people that take their sweet time (you get stuck behind them and can’t go around due to the small isles); they park their cart RIGHT IN FRONT of where your item is (and ignore you as you wait for them to read all of the nutritional facts). 
It is a mess! 
And I haven’t even mentioned the “people of Wal-Mart” you have to put up with!
So I decided the Wal-Mart experience would be less stressful if I had a plan.
Sister and I created a shopping list filled with things for her to eat during the week (while I’m at work), stuff to cook for dinner (so I can do better on my Weight Watchers!), and other miscellaneous items.
Mom tells me: put all of Mikayla’s necessities on my credit card. 
Well when we got to the front of the check out (which is always a long process because they NEVER have enough checkers) I decided, to save time, we will put everything on one ticket and do a split payment. 
I tell the lady to put about $30 on my card (to cover the things I bought for myself) and the rest on my Mom’s.  
The lady says okay and I swipe my card.  Well it puts the entire ticket on mine.   She looked at me and says sarcastically “you will need to go to customer service to get it fixed.”
AHHHH!  NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE!  Their line is ALWAYS a mile long!
So after telling my story (checkout mistake) to two or three people, going back and forth to my original checker, they finally figured out how to refund me. 
They had to enter each item individually for the return.  There were about 50 items.
 After they got the return figured out, they had to scan each item (AGAIN) to charge on my mom’s card.  I didn’t even bother to ask for a split payment.  I will just write her a check. 
By this time we have been in customer service for 30 to 40 minutes, my little sister has been sitting quietly while they straighten out the mess, and I am almost in tears! 
I don’t know if it was the humiliation (because of the long line of angry Wal-Mart costumers waiting on me to be finished), or the fact that a huge chunk of our afternoon was spent at my least favorite place, but I was done. 
We walked to the parking lot silently and as we came upon my vehicle I noticed a LONG tiny little scratch (like it had been keyed) along the side of my (less than a year old) car!
 I was at my breaking point!  I had HUGE tears rolling down my cheeks.  I got down on my knees (in my pretty dress) and licked my thumb and rubbed that scratch with all my might!
Talk about BOLD praying!  The scratch wasn’t a scratch!! It was just something sticky I must have run over! 
Thank goodness!
So I am boycotting our local Walmart!  Its not good for my sanity.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

...and the craziness continues.

Part two of my crazy weekend.
As most of you know (via facebook) my parent’s neighborhood was almost demolished by a grass fire. 
I met my Mom and Step dad Saturday to pick up my sister for the show.  As we were leaving, my Mom says: “call me and let me know how the show was!” 
(Imagine my anxiety)
 I swallowed my nerves and called my Mom to let her know what I had done.  She answers the phone and immediately I can tell something is wrong.  I try to carry on the conversation, when finally I ask: “is there something wrong?”  thinking she was mad at me.
She replies something like: “I’m packing the house.  There is a grass fire close by. I cant talk, gotta go –click” she hung up. 
As we are making our drive home, (sister is spending the week with me) I’m wondering if I should mention this to Mikayla or keep it to myself, my mood has immediately changed.  I know she can sense something is wrong so I decided to just tell her.  She is amazingly calm.  I think she even said “well I packed all my favorite cloths!”
So my night was consumed with worry, stressful phone calls, and pacing the living room. 
This all went down around 7:00-ish.  My Mom and Step dad weren’t let back into their neighborhood until around midnight!
For FIVE HOURS we had no idea if our house survived! 
In the mean time, my sister’s friends were sending us pictures of HUGE clouds of smoke on our street.  The pictures reminded me of what NYC looked like when the towers were collapsing. I mean It-was-huge! The clouds of smoke looked like they were engulfing homes and roads!  
Did I mention that my mom and step dad were leaving for Jamaica THE NEXT DAY at 6:00am! 
Our house was fine!  Praise God!  The grass and trees were burnt but the homes in our neighborhood were safe.  I think God place a shield around them.   
Sunday, at church, we talked about BOLD prayers; asking God to do something out of the ordinary.
I thought to myself, I did some bold praying and he answered!
Let this be a lesson:  when things seem out of control, and you feel like your situation is IMPOSSIBLE, ask for God’s help! 
Nothing it too big, or too small, for him.
Stay tuned for part three! (yes there's more...)

Monday, August 8, 2011

One! Singular Sensation!

Mikayla was Camera Shy.

My weekend was crazy.  Too crazy for one post.
So this post will be about the first crazy thing that happened.  If I feel like re-living the rest, I might write about it tomorrow…
Anyway, I was given free tickets to the production of “A Chorus Line.”  I was thrilled!  I love going to the theatre and will ALWAYS jump at the opportunity to see a Broadway show.
Besides, A Chorus Line is a very popular show.  I would even say it has a reputation for being a classic!  It was the “Wicked” of its decade!  You’d think with my passion for Broadway, I would have known more about the show.  I knew it was a show about dancers trying to make it, I knew (and have performed) a couple songs from the show, but I had no idea it wasn’t kid friendly. 
So I loaded up my baby sister and thought we would enjoy a nice day at the theatre! 
Boy was I wrong. 
The show was so incredibly raunchy!   With all of the crude humor, the song about boobs and butts (those weren’t the words used for those body parts.  You can Google to find out), and the story about a young boys “naughty” dreams…I was practically falling out of my chair!
You are probably thinking “did you leave at intermission?” 
NOPE!  You want to know why?!?
Get this: The Saturday matinee showing didn’t have an intermission!!! (I’m guessing to have enough time for the evening show) CRAZY!  
So now you are probably thinking: “did you just get up and leave in the middle of the show?”
NOPE!  My free seats were actually really good!! In the second row! Normally I would be thrilled; however…I didn’t feel comfortable getting up because I was within eye shot of the Actors.  And being the actress (at heart) that I am, I knew it would be soo rude if I got up and left!
So Mikayla and I just sat there, FOR TWO HOURS, and uncomfortably SQUIRMED in our seats.
I’m such a good big sister. 
Sorry Mom!  Mikayla just got a lesson in the male and female anatomy.   Just be glad you didn’t have to suffer though the awkwardness. 

Friday, August 5, 2011


Okay I give in.
I’ve been a bad girl.  I’m back on the plan!  The Weight Watchers plan. 
I went to my meeting last night and weighed in (for the first time in weeks).  I gained.
It’s the FIRST time since joining last January that I have gained!  It is horrible. 
During “share” time I wasn’t able to participate (because who in their right mind would admit to gaining weight at a Weight Watchers meeting!) 
I normally love share time.  You get to raise your hand and say “I’ve lost 2 pounds this week!!” And everyone claps and cheers…sometimes you even get a sticker!  (It’s the small things in life people!)
However, I did (yay!!) get a BRAVO sticker for offering some “tips” about snacking healthy!  
I know kinda hypercritical considering, but I didn’t let my guilty conscience get the best of me…I took that sticker and slapped it on my weight loss record book!  

Yes right on top of that weight gain!
better luck next week!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy 29th Birthday Mom!!

Today is a very special day.
It’s my Mommy’s birthday!
As I get older, I noticed that holidays seem less and less magical.  Now don’t get me wrong, I had an AWESOME birthday.  However, it’s not the same as when I was a child. 
Birthdays used to be so exciting.  All the preparation of the themed parties, inviting your friends, it was something to look forward to.   Now, I have a few more years of enjoyable birthdays and then they will stop.  It will be like I am permanently on repeat.  It’s the 29th birthday for most women.  Although, I think 30 is the new 20 so I’m not so sure I will push the hold button on the 29th.  I have a while to think about it.
I’m pondering all of this because, like I mentioned earlier, today is my Mom’s birthday.  I always love my birthday.  Every year she makes me feel like a princess.  I get to have all my favorite foods, listen to her tell the story of my birth, I get awesome presents, and I'm reminded of how much she loves and cares for me.
I wish there was a way I could do the same for her.  I feel so bad that I can’t be there to celebrate today, I don’t even know my Moms favorite food, I can’t afford AWESOME presents, and I don’t know the story of the day she was born.  All I can do is let her know how much I LOVE and CARE for her. 
You have been such an inspiration to me.  I would not be the person I am today without you.  You taught me how to be a smart, independent, woman.  I have set my goals in life by the standards you have shown me.   You have provided me with the education to meet those goals and given me guidance.  You have shown me that true love exists, and I won’t settle for less.  But most of all, you have shown me that I am loved endlessly.  I never have a problem I can’t discuss with you, I trust you will keep my secrets, and I know there is nothing I can do that will change that.   No matter how old I get I will ALWAYS need my Momma!

I love you so much!

Happy Birthday

Monday, August 1, 2011


Three years ago today we lost my Grammy.  The time has gone by so fast.  It seems like just yesterday I was at her house for Sunday lunch. 
Occasionally, I forget she is gone and I think about calling her (to gossip, ask for a recipe, or even just to share some good news).   
I used to spend a week at her house during the summer.  We would paint, cook, watch movies; she always had little projects for us to do.
One of my favorite memories is Christmas.  We used to stand around the piano as she played carols.  My family would sing, laugh, and relish in the Christmas spirit.  Grammy had the biggest Christmas tree filled with homemade ornaments.  Every year, she would make a new ornament for each of us.   She always decorated every inch of her house with Christmas trinkets.  Her house was so magical!

I love this picture of us.  She ALWAYS had on a pink robe.  We would put on our pajamas at like 4:00! 
I miss her so much every day.   

Cake on Fire

My birthday was so good this year.  I had a THREE day celebration!! 

I will give you the play-by-play but first I have a special message for my facebook friends:

Thank you…I love the facebook tradition of bombarding your friends with sweet birthday wishes.  I know it is just a click or two, and only takes a few seconds, but I couldn’t help but feel happy every time I saw a notification pop up on my phone informing me of your post!  I just wanted to tell you (because I don’t think a status of gratitude is enough) thanks for all the love!

Okay so my birthday weekend began Thursday with my sister and friends.  I arrived at her salon (thinking I would be waiting on her to finish up a client) and was surprised with a night filled with pampering.  She did my hair and makeup (while I sipped on pina coladas!) and we went out for dinner and dancing!  She even got me this adorable zebra cake! : )

I had the best time!  To top it all off, the next day I was treated to a facial! IT. WAS. AMAZING!   Thanks Court!!

Friday, my dad took us to one of my favorite places: PF Changs.  We had lettuce wraps, fried green beans, chicken, steak, and shrimp.  We ended our food binge at the house with a homemade strawberry cake! Yum! 

Saturday, (yes the third and final day of my food binge birthday celebration!) I went to my Moms.  We had my FAVORITE meal.  Shish kabobs, homemade fried okra, twice baked potatoes, and my Grammy’s oriental salad! My Mom outdid herself! 

I have been telling everyone (since the day I joined weight watchers) that on my birthday I would go crazy, and I did just that.  I ate probably HALF of a cookie cake in about a 48 hour span. 

Not to mention the TWO other cakes I munched on days earlier.  And yes, I haven’t forgotten about the cotton candy! I finished off the weekend with dinner at Taco Bueno.  Oh lordy! (more like lardy!) I think I lost my mind!

I need to go to weight watchers confession, I feel so guilty.  I’m going to have to repent!