Friday, July 15, 2011

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

Yesterday I wore this adorable white chiffon dress to work. It’s a new dress, very flowy.   I got several complements and I was feeling very confident!
Until I decided to sit in this Chair.

My office has a creative room where we have team meetings.  Yesterday we had a team meeting (the first one since I have been employed) and I decided to sit in the comfy chair.  
One of the cushion corners was not properly secured so when I sat down (in front of my ENTIRE OFFICE) I fell straight through the chair!! My legs (and cute new dress) were over my head! Not only was I flashing everyone but I was stuck!  It took TWO people pulling my arms to get me out!
Did I mention that due to the white chiffon fabric I wasn’t wearing any underwear under my pantyhose?
The madness of everyone laughing and the ladies trying to cover me while rushing the men out the room just about sent me over the edge. 
Today, I’m sitting at my desk and I overhear some coworkers rolling in laughter.  I walk in to see them reliving my nightmare to someone from a different department!
I don’t know how my reputation will ever recover.   

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