Monday, July 18, 2011

Beauty is Pain...a pain in the butt!

Last weekend was spent with my baby sister.
Mikayla is fifteen and she gets her learners permit on Friday.  I’m in denial that she is old enough to drive.  Needless to say, she has become a driving nazi expert and is annoyingly aware of all (yes there are more than one) of my driving errors.
We decided to spend the weekend relaxing.  We didn’t do anything super cool or fun.  We just took it easy and enjoyed each other’s company.  
before the madness
Saturday, we treated ourselves to an “at home spa.”  We went to Walmart and bought a couple of those facial mask packets.   We wore our soft spa-like robes and fuzzy lotion socks.
The idea of a spa night sounded like the perfect way to treat ourselves.  I was in need of a little pampering.  So when we began the long process of using the mask I was unexpectedly surprised by the lack of relaxing that took place. 
The mask was itchy.  Don’t be confused with tickly or prickly, it was painfully irritating.  I felt as though little bugs were crawling all over my face. 
When the mask dried it flaked all over my clean apartment (including my new leather furniture which has hardly been sat on due to my paranoia of getting it dirty). 
So after my relaxing “at home spa night,” I spent the next day vacuuming and mopping up little flakes. 
Next time I think we will go down to the nail salon and pay someone to rub our feet. 

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