Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sticky Situation

Last night was my Dear friend Autumn’s birthday. 
I met her and some friends (and family) for dinner.
We at a local restaurant, the food was really really good.  Espically the dessert.

Cotton Candy! 
It has been YEARS since my lips have tasted the sweet-fluffy-sticky goodness.  I know it’s not weight watcher friendly, and yes I am so close to my goal weight but I couldn’t resist! 
I forgot how good it is!  It’s not every day you get the opportunity to eat cotton candy. 
Also, I’m not even sure cotton candy counts because it dissolves as soon as it hits your mouth!  I’m thinking it doesn’t even make it to my tummy so it’s like invisible food.  Invisible food with invisible calories.
Yes.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


In order to address the topic of this blog I have to confess to you my guilty pleasure.

Promise you won’t judge me?

The Bachelorette.  Yes I know it’s scripted and they will break up in 2 months or so, but I can’t resist.  I love watching people fall in love, the drama of who got their heart broken, the fabulous dates, and of course the men!  oh the men!  Something about a handsome guy being sensitive and romantic sparks my interest.  Im just sayin'...

I’m a sucker for a fairy tale.  Which is exactly what this show is:  A romantic fairytale for adults. 

So imagine my distress when the show was interrupted by the President talking about the budget. I mean, who does he think he is? The President or something?

The show simply paused and when the President was done speaking, it resumed right where it had left off.  Naturally, no one told my DVR. So, I missed the last 20 minutes!

So, What is the topic of this incredibly interesting blog you ask? 

The President vs. Republicans.  Now don’t get your panties in a bunch, I am not going to push my political views on you or even try to explain the debt crisis (because let’s face it, I have no clue!)

I just want to point out an observation.

I was pleasantly surprised by the entertainment I found in watching the National Address.  Something about the rhetoric between the President and Speaker of the House was vaguely familiar.

And then it dawned on me!  They (yes both parties) are acting just like a bunch of sorority girls!  (Believe me I have plenty of experience in this area)  At my college we only had two sororities.  This made decision making very difficult.  It seemed like one sorority would decide on something simply because the other opposed it.  Girls, don't act like you dont know what I'm talking about!

One time (more like every year) we were at a standoff for an ENTIRE semester over recruitment.  If it weren’t for our Greek advisor, I don’t think we would have ever gotten anything accomplished. 

So I have a solution for you Mr. President:  Contact Southeaster’s Office of Student Life, ask for the Greek advisor.  She has A LOT of experience handling standoffs. 

For those of you who missed the President and Speaker of the House battle it out last night, it’s worth your while to YouTube it!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hello in there!!

For those of you that don’t know, my best friend (Autumn) is having a baby girl in LESS than two months! 

I am beside myself with excitement! 

Last night I went to visit her.  She just bought the crib and bedding so she needed my *expertise* in choosing paint colors.  We decided on a light lavender color.  It is going to be fab!   

The last time I was around a preggo woman was 15 ½ years ago (15 ½ Yrs ago today! Mikayla passed her permit test!)   when my baby sister was born.  I don’t remember feeling the baby kick or what my mom went through (I was only 7!) so this is all new to me.

Therefore, last night I was determined to feel baby Ava kick!  I think I reminded Autumn to let me know like 2 or 3 times.  I felt like a kid on a road trip asking: “are we there yet!” but it was more like: “is she kicking yet!”

We were sitting on the couch talking and Ava starts moving around!  So Autumn puts my hand on her belly and sure enough she gave me a big thump!  I was so giddy!!  It was the most amazing feeling. 

Also, did you know that you can SEE the baby MOVE!  It was somewhat creepy at first.  I had no idea that babies moved around so much and that it is so visible!  I asked Autumn if it hurt and she said “sometimes if she kicks my ribs or bladder” Yuck! That sounds horrible!

Anyway, I think little Ava might have a career as a Rockette (if she takes after her Aunt BB) or maybe a soccer star!  That girl can kick!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Look at me now, I'm getting paper!

Is it just me, or does the world of couponing seem confusing. 
10 years ago:
I remember when my mom used coupons.  I was so embarrassed!  It seemed like everywhere we went she had a coupon (that’s probably why we went there).  I’m not sure why I found it embarrassing but I can remember that terrible feeling when we would be standing in line at Reasor’s grocery and she would pull out her coupon book.  I even made fun of her several times for her coupons.  As a teenager, I was terrible.  I had no idea how hard it was for my single mom to provide for us.
Now that I am a single woman trying to make ends meet (and off the family payroll) I am beginning to explore the world of couponing.   I have a friend that is a borderline “extreme couponer.”  She has a coupon tub!  She extremely organized and somewhat inspiring.  She also introduced me to a new blog: Coupon Closet.
I’m not sure if it is the economy or the TV show, but couponing has become trendy! WHAT?!?
I don’t care who you are, spending $5 on $100 worth of groceries is awesome!
My problem: it’s over my head!  I really want to be an extreme couponer but I’m not sure I have the energy, time, patience, or skills to make it happen.  Watching the sale adds every week, going to several different grocery stores, not to mention the sharp memory required to keep up with the hundreds of clippings! It’s exhausting!
But I figured that if I can count WW (weight watcher) points, I should be able to coupon.
My couponing mentor friend has opened my eyes to the money I could be saving.  Today we went to a local store that was selling Ritz toasted chips 2 for $4.  We had a coupon for $1 off when you buy 2.  So I bought 2 bags of toasted chips for $3! Yay! (For those of you wondering the chips are 4 WW points a serving which is the same as baked lays). 
My motivation for making this happen: OKC is getting an OUTLET MALL! With all the money I am saving (and the pounds I am dropping thanks to WW) I can treat myself to a shopping spree!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Beauty is Pain...a pain in the butt!

Last weekend was spent with my baby sister.
Mikayla is fifteen and she gets her learners permit on Friday.  I’m in denial that she is old enough to drive.  Needless to say, she has become a driving nazi expert and is annoyingly aware of all (yes there are more than one) of my driving errors.
We decided to spend the weekend relaxing.  We didn’t do anything super cool or fun.  We just took it easy and enjoyed each other’s company.  
before the madness
Saturday, we treated ourselves to an “at home spa.”  We went to Walmart and bought a couple of those facial mask packets.   We wore our soft spa-like robes and fuzzy lotion socks.
The idea of a spa night sounded like the perfect way to treat ourselves.  I was in need of a little pampering.  So when we began the long process of using the mask I was unexpectedly surprised by the lack of relaxing that took place. 
The mask was itchy.  Don’t be confused with tickly or prickly, it was painfully irritating.  I felt as though little bugs were crawling all over my face. 
When the mask dried it flaked all over my clean apartment (including my new leather furniture which has hardly been sat on due to my paranoia of getting it dirty). 
So after my relaxing “at home spa night,” I spent the next day vacuuming and mopping up little flakes. 
Next time I think we will go down to the nail salon and pay someone to rub our feet. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

Yesterday I wore this adorable white chiffon dress to work. It’s a new dress, very flowy.   I got several complements and I was feeling very confident!
Until I decided to sit in this Chair.

My office has a creative room where we have team meetings.  Yesterday we had a team meeting (the first one since I have been employed) and I decided to sit in the comfy chair.  
One of the cushion corners was not properly secured so when I sat down (in front of my ENTIRE OFFICE) I fell straight through the chair!! My legs (and cute new dress) were over my head! Not only was I flashing everyone but I was stuck!  It took TWO people pulling my arms to get me out!
Did I mention that due to the white chiffon fabric I wasn’t wearing any underwear under my pantyhose?
The madness of everyone laughing and the ladies trying to cover me while rushing the men out the room just about sent me over the edge. 
Today, I’m sitting at my desk and I overhear some coworkers rolling in laughter.  I walk in to see them reliving my nightmare to someone from a different department!
I don’t know how my reputation will ever recover.   

Oh Happy Day!!

Today is a very special day for two reasons. 

The first:  today is my baby Brothers 20th birthday!  He is probably the funniest person I know.  I could start an entirely new blog just about him.  EVERY time I am around him something crazy happens.  He is the complete opposite of me.  I am extremely organized, cautious, guarded, and somewhat of a scaredy cat!  Brandon is very goofy, care free, messy, lovable, and a little too brave.   People are constantly telling us how much we look alike so one year (my freshman year of college) we decided to start telling people we were twins.   He is such a joy to be around.  Happy Birthday Bubby!!

The second: This should be a no brainer people.  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 opened!  Last night I went to a double feature.  I saw part 1 and then after a 20 minute intermission, part 2.  IT. WAS. AWESOME!  No I didn’t dress up, although I considered going as Hagrid. 

Look at this lady! 

She has a TATOO that says “Mischief Managed.”  For those of you that don’t know, this is a Harry Potter term used when they are finished looking at the marauders map to make it disappear.  What was she thinking!  I consider myself to be an avid Harry Potter fan but this is taking it too far!

It’s bitter sweet.  I grew up with Harry Potter.  Honestly I am in denial that it’s over.  I keep holding on to the idea that J.K. Rowling will write a new book (SPOILER ALERT!!) about Harry’s Children, or maybe a prequel about his parents and their time at Hogwarts. 

This must be what the Oprah fans feel like.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Long time no see!

I have been a bad blogger!  It's been a while since I've been able to post but this is what you missed:
Last weekend flew by.  Most of it was spent in the car.
Friday I went to Norman to visit some friends.  We ate at this amazing Mexican restaurant called Cha Cha’s and went out on the town.  It got kinda crazy.  That’s all I’m going to say ; )
Saturday I met my mom in Norman with my little sister.  She and I drove to Dallas.  We went shopping and spent the day just the two of us.  Eventually, we met up with the rest of my family at our hotel. 
Look what we saw at the mall! 

Is this what the world has come to!?! Putting your children in a clear ball and have them roll around like hamsters while you point and laugh?  (I mean it was pretty funny but the concept is a little weird!)
Sunday, we all went to the Ranger’s game.  It was so much fun!  We sat in the “all you can eat” section.  This included: Indoor/outdoor seating, unlimited nachos, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, and soda.  The Rangers won! We took a family pic. to commemorate the experience, we all had a great time!

Monday was the usual, work, gym, dinner, sleep.
Tuesday was just like Monday (except I also did laundry…I know I’m officially boring!)
So now that you are caught up, let me leave you with this:
***Last weekend, I received a very neat graduation gift in the mail.  It is a book filled with little tips and tricks on how to live a happy life: “Life’s Little Instruction Book.”  It has 511 tips.
I have only read the first few pages but I am inspired by this concept.  While I don’t agree with every tip in the book, I think it is useful information.  So I have decided to post a tip every time I blog for the month of July.  I will continue to blog about the random things that occur, but at the bottom of my blog I will post a picture of the tip.***

Thursday, July 7, 2011


There is an Amish community about 30 miles from my town.  I used to drive through it all the time last fall when I was commuting.  They have a store where they sale a bunch of homemade goods. 
One day on my way home I noticed a sign that said “homemade ice cream.”   However, I am lactose intolerant.  Yes I know I shouldn’t be eating it (One time I even went to the emergency room because I ate too much ice cream!) but I LOVE homemade ice cream!  I will gladly suffer through the horrible cramps for a scoop of homemade ice cream.  So I pull a u-turn in the middle of the road to go back for some ice cream.  I figured It would probably be the BEST ice cream I have ever had because 1. It’s homemade, and 2. It’s homemade by the Amish!
So I stop to pick up my dessert and the man has to go to the back to get it.  He comes out with a Styrofoam cup filled with vanilla ice cream.  I get in my car and take a bite…  I knew instantly it wasn’t homemade and furthermore it tasted like Braums or bluebell!  So I threw it out.  If I am going to suffer all night long from the scoop of ice cream it had better be homemade!
Fast forward a YEAR later (yesterday).  I'm at Walmart and I notice a cute little Amish lady loading a bunch of BULK items into her vehicle.  I took a picture to prove that I was RIGHT!  They had two coolers loaded in the back of the car.  I am assuming the coolers are for the “homemade ice cream.”  Then, today, I see two Amish men walking out of BRAUMS! (I would have taken a picture but I didn't want to embarrass my friend). 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Last weekend was great!  I went to visit my Mom and sister.  We spent a lot of time shopping and doing girl things.  My stepdad treated us to a very nice dinner at Paseo Grill in honor of my graduation and new job.  This place is amazing!  I felt like a queen!   The next day was spent in the pool.  Somehow, I spent 4 hours in the pool without changing positions.  I was on one of those pool foam mats and my back got sunburned!  It is still tender today.

If you have been keeping up with my blogs, you would know that I had a total breakdown last week due to stress/clumsiness/lack of friends in the new hometown.  Every time I am in the middle of a crisis it seems as though my mother has some kind of weird motherly intuition to call me.  So for the past week or so I have only spoken to my mom during high stress situations.  I am telling you all this because she and my stepdad came to me with this brilliant idea on how to lift my spirits.

So I am sitting on the back patio at home and my mom says (out of nowhere!!) she is worried because I don’t seem happy in my new hometown and that I am having problems making friends.  She said that she and my stepdad agreed that I needed to take action and join EHarmony.  They also offered to PAY for it!  I started laughing and she began to tell me all these statistics about how half of Americans meet their significant other online. 

I am not discriminating against dating websites; however, I am TWENTY-TWO years old! I have PLENTY of time to meet someone the old-fashioned way!  So for the past few days I have been freaking out thinking: “they must have absolutely no faith that I can meet people on my own!  They think I am a loser because I’m not dating or WORSE they think I have socializing problems.” 

Yes I realize this is the SECOND time I have mentioned (on my blog)other people’s dilemma with my relationship status.

I moved a month ago!  Give me a break people!

Although, I did make an agreement with my mom that if I am still single when I am 25 I will join EHarmony and she can pay for it! : )