Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So Clumsy

I am abnormally clumsy but last night I reached a whole new level. 
I was a disaster waiting to happen. 
I made taco salad for dinner.  While I was waiting on the meat to simmer, I decided to clean out my fridge.  I emptied all of the containers into the trash and about half way through I got up to check my meat.  Somehow, in the minute it took me to stir the meat I had forgotten that the trashcan was on the other side of the opened fridge door.  I pushed the door shut and the trash fell over and all of its contents emptied onto the floor.   I had to scoop up the broccoli and cheese soup, fruit, pesto chicken, and last weeks trash back into the trashcan and mop the floor.  Yuck.
After I cleaned up the horrifically gross mess, I continued with my dinner (which by the way was cold and not as appealing).   As I am piling my salad with toppings, I cut my finger on the black olive can.  I should have known not to reach into the can, or to take off the sharp lid, but I was in a hurry because 9:00 was approaching fast and I had already been delayed.    Now I know that a little pinky finger cut sounds like a minor inconvenience.  However, my poor little pinky was bleeding uncontrollably!  I spent fifteen minutes trying to get it to stop!  I went through three band aids people!
So I am finally able to sit down to dinner and eat the salad that took me an hour and a half to prepare and the phone rings.  It is my mother.  I absolutely love talking to her.  Actually my sanity depends on it.  I have only talked to my mom probably once since last Thursday so I jump up to get it.  I am on the phone with her for literally less than five minutes when I reach to pick up my Coke Zero.    I am holding the phone with my left hand and I reach for the coke with my right hand (the one with the severe pinky injury) and because of my weak pinky I try to grab it with my thumb, pointer, and middle finger.  Of course I drop the can and it explodes all over my freshly mopped kitchen.  AHHHH!  I think I said a couple of really bad cuss words (or maybe just one repeated several times).   It was not a pretty sight.  Mom, I’m sorry you had to witness my momentary nervous breakdown. 
I’m trying to remain positive: at least my apartment (kitchen) is clean; I think I used about five swiffer mop pads!

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