Thursday, June 9, 2011

Look Ma! I’m a grown-up!

This week is the first official week of my “grown up” life.  I have a grown up job, a grown up apartment, and : (  grown up bills.  My life has changed so quickly in the last couple of weeks! I don’t even know where to begin. 
My first week at work has been absolutely wonderful! I love the people I work with! I think I will be very happy.  Unfortunately, you won’t get to hear much about it on here (that sounds like I work for the CIA or something). I spend the entire day at work, by the time I get home the last thing I want to do is write about it!  So: all I will say is that I feel truly blessed to be employed right out of college, and even more thankful that I actually love what I do!
I live in a cute little two bedroom apartment.  I love it because it is very sunny.  It has new appliances, wood floors, big windows, its perfect!  I even have a plant! I have never been a “plant owner” but my mom is always gardening so I decided that having a plant would be another thing to add to my grown up list.  I am still trying to decorate but once its complete I will post some pictures!!
I have also taken an interest in health and wellness.  This isn’t really a new interest.  I joined weight watchers last January.  I have lost about 35 pounds and counting.  This week I took my healthy living a step further.  I joined a boot camp class at my company gym.  The fact that my company has a gym for its employees makes me feel very grown up as well.  Anyway, boot camp has lived up to it’s name.  It has challenged my body more than I expected.  This morning I woke up and of course my entire body ached.  I was surprised that even my KNECK was sore! How did that happen?!?  I can’t even turn my head without wincing.  I expect to have Kelly Ripa arms, Cameron Diaz abs, and Beyonce ‘s bootie at the end of this! We are swimming laps tonight; it should be interesting because I can’t swim straight.  Pray for me!

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