Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Our Engagement Story, by Phillip

Hello internet,

I am SO excited about today's post! I mentioned in my previous post that I'd like to share Phillip's perspective of our engagement ...several of you responded, eager to hear his side of our story. I mentioned it to Phillip and he was very keen on the idea and began writing the next day!

I'm going to let him take it from here!


My side of the engagement story begins the week before the engagement. My stepmother, Kristi, and cousin, Savana, called Brittney, my fiancé-to-be, one day about a week prior to the engagement to invite her to go dress shopping with them. Savana was selected to be homecoming attendant and wanted Brittney to help pick out a dress. Luckily, their plan was to shop for dresses in Oklahoma City. So I seized the opportunity and contacted Kristi and Savana to let them in on the plan, telling them to keep Brittney in Oklahoma City as late as possible when they went shopping.

The timing was perfect because Brittney and I wanted to get moving on booking a venue and talking with wedding planners, etc., and we knew that, to be safe, we would need to get started about a year in advance. I had known that Brittney wanted a personal, intimate engagement that involved just the two of us, so I decided to ask her to marry me at our home.

Now, I’m not the most romantic person…by a LONG shot, but I do consider myself perceptive and had taken note of the type of environment and ambience that would be suited to Brittney’s taste.

On Thursday, September 6, I wrote down everything I would need for Saturday and asked my mother to come down from Norman to help me with the set up. On Saturday, after Brittney left for Oklahoma City with Kristi and Savana, I had to make three stops. First, I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased close to two-hundred candles of various sizes (no cheapo Wal-Mart candles for this fancy guy), and additional décor to go with it, including mirrored plates to place some of the larger candle arrangements, and an energy drink. I probably looked like a crazy person with my basket FULL of candles.

I also knew that I wanted to string lights in the back yard, so I made a trip to Home Depot for my second stop and purchased all of the soft white Halloween lights I could find, and crossed my fingers that they would be the same color of white lighting that I already had in our shed at the house. The lights came in boxes of one hundred bulbs, so I bought ten or twelve boxes and an energy drink.

Lastly, I stopped for flowers at the Latta Flower Shop. The women at the flower shop were really excited when I told them what I was doing and were a great help. I picked out yellow and pink giant lilies for the main flower arrangement, white roses for the second arrangement, and white hydrangeas accompanied by two red roses for the engagement arrangement, all to go along with new vases and the appropriate greenery. I am proud to say I picked everything out myself! On the way home I decided to purchase some nice wine (Francis Ford Coppola Director’s Cut and an Icelandic white wine made from frozen grapes, the name of which escapes me now) and a much needed energy drink.

My mother met me at the house and helped decorate. She strung lights while I made the flower arrangements. Then we set up the crazy number of candles I had purchased and my mother left.
After my mother left, I put on my black suit and my pepe le pew socks and waited.

I had been keeping up with Brittney’s location through Kristi and Savana and had been pushing them to keep her in Oklahoma City as late as possible. However, now I was ready. Eventually Brittney called me and told me that she was in Stratford to pick up her car and would be getting gas before coming home. Stratford is about twenty minutes from our house, so I decided to start lighting the candles. I lit three candles before our only lighter went out of butane. I panicked big time! I knew time was of the essence, so I broke numerous traffic laws as I drove to a nearby grocery store and purchased a new lighter. I was terrified that I would pull into the driveway and see Brittney’s car sitting there; I knew everything would be ruined. However, when I pulled into the drive, she wasn’t home yet, so I still had time. I unpackaged my new lighter and began igniting all of the candles I had purchased. I began with the candles I had placed indoors, and made my way to the back yard. I knew that she was getting very close. Eventually, I made my way to the back yard and finished lighting the rest of the candles and plugged in the lights my mother and I had set up earlier.

Eventually Brittney pulled into the drive. I was waiting for her in my suit (and pepe le pew socks). She made her way through the house and into the back yard. When she came into the backyard she was crying and I asked her if she had seen the card sitting on the dining table. She had not seen it, so I told her the best way I knew how to go back inside and look at the card! She loves cards and I knew she would love this one. The card spoke my feelings for her and let her know that she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. When she reappeared in the back yard, she was still crying, and I told her to come to where I was standing. I then spoke to her some sweet nothings and told her that I wanted to marry her. I then got on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes.

After saying yes to my proposal, we both went back inside and danced to our favorite song, “La Vie En Rose.” Then we popped open a bottle of the fancy wine I purchased and ordered some pizza, because nothing says “engagement success” like pizza and wine!


One of my favorite memories from this day is sitting in our living room floor, surrounded by candles, eating pizza and sipping on wine (with our favorite music playing in the background)...anyone that knows me IRL knows that pizza is my love language :-)

Funny story about the pepe le pew socks. Phillip loves crazy socks. He wears them every day and has developed quite the reputation around the courthouse for his funny feet! He has a pair for each holiday...well last Valentine's Day I made him wear the pepe le pew socks for our date. He wasn't very eager to wear them but alas, he did it to make me happy. So I was pleasantly surprised to see he chose that pair to mark the occasion!

He didn't mention this in his story, but he selected white florals and candles as a nod to our wedding. I always envisioned all-white florals with lots of greenery and candles as our wedding decor. Classic and Romantic. He was so thoughtful in incorporating it into his proposal. The white hydrangeas are in reference to our favorite neighborhood in OKC, Heritage Hills. We love walking up and down the sidewalks, admiring the stately homes. I especially love all the beautiful hydrangeas and dream of planting them at our forever home one day. Our wedding venue, The Gaylord-Pickens Museum, is located in the heart of Heritage Hills -which is one of the many reasons we chose this place to exchange our vows.

I cannot imagine how panicked he must have been to run out of lighter fluid! I am SO thankful he was able to get it replaced and all the candles lit before my arrival.

If you missed my side of the story, you can read it by clicking here.

Months later, I am still on cloud nine! This was the most perfect day, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

Soon I hope to share more details about our wedding, a planning update and the story of how I selected & asked my bridesmaids. If there is anything else you'd like to read about, please feel free to give me some ideas in the comments (either here, on Facebook or on Instagram). I want to get back into posting regularly but coming up with topics is hard! Please send help! :-)

P.S. Phillip Morton!! You have GOT to slow down on the caffeine! Three energy drinks in one day is TOO MANY!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Our Engagement Story

Hello friends!  I am so excited to share our engagement story, but before we get started you might grab your favorite drink and find a cozy spot to read... I have a feeling this is going to be a long post (as I don't want to leave anything out). If you aren't interested in alllll the details, scroll down to September 8, 2018.

A common question I've received since announcing our engagement has been "did you know it was coming?"

Phillip and I began talking about being married long before we were engaged. We already knew where we wanted to be married, what our colors would be, what song we'd dance to and who we'd include in our wedding party. I gave Phillip several photos of the ring I wanted and even tagged him in a few Instagram posts by my favorite jeweler, always sure to include my ring size *hint hint* haha!

Needless to say, I was ready. I started getting really impatient last summer. I knew we wanted to have a fall wedding and I needed at least a year to plan.

In July, while we were in Dallas celebrating my birthday, Phillip let it slip that he had an appointment in Tulsa with the jeweler the following week. I was so excited!

As we discussed it further, we agreed it would be best to go to this appointment together. We were both conflicted in making this decision...we were worried about ruining the "surprise" element of the proposal. However, in the end we determined that because it is such a big investment (not to mention, the most important accessory I'll ever wear) we needed to be sure the ring we picked out was exactly what I wanted.

When we arrived at the store, it didn't take long for me to pick out the ring. I walked over to the case, went straight to the ring and said to Phillip, "this is it!"

This is a photo I took at the jewelry store the day we picked out my ring.

I knew I wanted a delicate halo setting with a cushion cut diamond.

We ordered the ring and were told it would be at least a month before it would be ready. I spent the entire month of August daydreaming about the proposal...wondering when or how Phillip would do it. I only had one request: it be a private moment between the two of us.

Fast forward to September, I knew the ring would be in Phillip's possession any day but I wasn't sure when he'd find the time to drive to Tulsa to pick it up. So when Phillip's cousin invited me on a shopping day the first weekend in September, I figured Phillip would use this opportunity to drive to Tulsa to pick up the ring...little did I know, he already had it.

September 8, 2018

I woke up early, I was meeting Phillip's stepmother and cousin at 9 a.m. for our shopping day in OKC. We were shopping for a homecoming dress, his cousin was the sophomore attendant in the homecoming court at her school.

Much to my surprise, it was a pure coincidence that they invited me to go shopping. Phillip had already been trying to figure out how to get me out of the house on this it really worked out nicely for him! There was only one problem, he needed me gone until 7 p.m. (sunset).

Once Phillip learned of my plans, he requested they entertain me until 7 p.m. This was no easy task, as I mentioned we already had plans to leave early that morning. We spent the morning shopping for formal gowns and much to our surprise, found "the" dress at the second store we visited! With the dress purchased (before lunch might I add!) they had to improvise on how to entertain me for the rest of the day.

We spent a few hours eating lunch, then went to the mall to pick out another dress for her to wear in the homecoming parade. By the time we left the mall I was exhausted.

With several hours until sunset, they took their time driving back home. We stopped at a children's clothing store to pick out a few outfits for Phillip's 3-month-old niece, went to Ulta and stopped at a gas station for something to drink. Originally, I wanted to go to HomeGoods to look at their fall decor. But after several hours of power-shopping, I was ready to go home. They tried to talk me into HomeGoods but I refused!

When I made it back to his parents house (they live in a small town 20 miles from us), I called Phillip to tell him about our day, "all I want to do is go home and put on my pj's -I'm so tired!" 

On my drive back to Ada (from his parent's house) I wondered if he made it to Tulsa to pick up the ring. I was a little disappointed, Phillip mentioned that he had lunch with his mother that day so I knew he probably didn't drive 6 hours to Tulsa and back...

When I pulled into to the driveway something caught my eye, I could see twinkling lights coming from the bushes in the back yard. My heart skipped a beat, this is it!

As I walked through the door to our home, I began to cry. Phillip placed candles all over the house. On the dining room table was a beautiful flower arrangement with a card -he wrote me the most romantic letter with the instructions to come outside.

Below is a video of what the house looked like:

Phillip transformed our backyard into a romantic oasis. I found him standing on the deck, surrounded by twinkling lights, candles and more flowers. It took my breath away.

Phillip arranged these flowers himself, the hydrangeas and roses have a special meaning between us. He was so thoughtful!

I met him on the deck where he took my hands, I was "ugly crying" at this point! He spoke about how he wanted to spend his life with me...both of us were very emotional.

Then he got down on one knee and asked the question I'd been waiting so long to hear. It was a beautiful moment, one I'll treasure forever.

After I said yes, Phillip played "our song," the one we'll dance to at our wedding. He pulled me in and we danced to the music, savoring every second.

Following the proposal we called our loved ones to share the good news. Once everyone had been notified, we ordered a pizza from our favorite restaurant. I finally put on my pajamas and we sat in the living room floor, surrounded by candlelight and the sound of old tunes. We dined on pizza and delicious wine, and spent hours talking...I wanted to hear all about the proposal and how it all came together.

Phillip purchased special wine to celebrate the engagement! It was exquisite!

(Phillip took a day off work earlier in the week to pick up the ring. He did have lunch with his mom, she was in town to help him get the house ready! I really enjoyed hearing the story from his perspective...maybe I'll ask him to write it so I can share it with you.)

It was an absolute fairy tale. I am still on cloud nine -I get to marry the man of my dreams!

Thank you all for the well-wishes and congratulations. We are so touched by the outpouring of love shown to us in the last month. We are truly blessed.


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

To New Chapters

Hello internet! It seems like my "blogging" days were a lifetime ago. So much has changed since my last post (dated two years ago, almost to the day!)

For a long time I considered shutting down the blog -I even told people that I was done writing. As I've gotten older, I've found myself less focused on capturing every moment ...and more focused on living *in* the moment. 

It seems like just yesterday I was writing my very first post. I was brand new to this town, living in a new apartment and about to begin the greatest chapter of my life thus far. It was the eve of my first day of work in a career that would bring me so many wonderful opportunities and milestones. 

I smile as I read the closing statement in my first post:

This is such an exciting time for me and I can’t think of a better way to preserve these memories!

I treasure this small slice of the very own time capsule, a written record of my twenties. I'm also very thankful for the growth and independence I gained during that time. I'm thankful for the time I had to experience the world on my own. I traveled, I discovered a passion for entertaining (and cooking!), I bought a house, I worked hard, both personally and professionally. I faced fears, overcame obstacles and found that I can do anything I put my mind to. I never settled for anything less than what I deserved. 

It was at the end of this time, the end of my twenties, that I met the most amazing man. The man I've prayed about and the man I patiently waited for.

I could very easily turn this into a love letter to Phillip...but I'll save that for another day. 

As I sit down to write this post, I can't help but smile. I am at another crossroads in life. Closing a chapter and beginning a new one. Although I don't intend on blogging regularly, I want to share these memories with our family and friends. It seems only fitting that I repeat the same line used in my first post (with one small addition):

This is such an exciting time for me and Phillip...and I cant think of a better way to preserve these memories.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing our engagement story, I hope to see you there!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Magnolia Market Getaway

For my birthday this year, I told Phillip I wanted to (finally) visit Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas. He was more than willing to oblige -being a Baylor alumnus. We had such a wonderful time exploring Waco! I can't think of a better way to celebrate 28!     Hey! I rhymed! hehe!

This was such a fun trip! 

Magnolia Market was wonderful but a little overwhelming, below I've compiled a few tips:

Checkout in the downstairs area, there was a HUGE line in the front of the store but none downstairs!

It won't take you a full day to shop -be prepared to explore other areas in Waco!

There were several items in the store that aren't available online :-)

If you can't find what you're looking for, ask for help! My bakery sign wasn't out on the floor -I saw it online and wanted to purchase it so I asked an employee....they had several in the back! 

Be sure to walk over to the Seed + Supply  -they have a few items that aren't available for sale in the big store. 

Pay attention to the displays, I bought these dishtowels because I saw a display where they framed the dishtowels! So cute and something I never would have thought of!

Grab a coffee from Common Grounds (featured on Fixer Upper)

Shop Clint's beautiful woodwork at Harp Design Co. (located right next door to their Fixer Upper home)

A few of our favorite (non-Magnolia) Waco spots included:

Spice Village -AMAZING "booth-style" shopping, we spent 4 hours here! 

Brazos River & the suspension bridge (take a stroll at night, so romantic!)

Baylor Campus -Phillip and I spent a couple days exploring the campus. I loved watching him reminisce and hearing stories from his college days! 

The Findery -darling, darling shop! 

Portofino's Italian Restaurant -the food was delicious and you can bring your own wine! (Several restaurants in the area have a BYOB option, be sure to call ahead and ask about it!)

Eskimo Hut -drive thru frozen daiquiris & margaritas! (oh my gawd sooo good, and yes -it is a drive-thru!) It is like a snow cone stand that serves booze! 

Looking at these photos made me smile, we had such a marvelous time -I can't wait to go back!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Taco 'Bout Book Club

If you know me IRL you probably know all about book club. However, for those of you that are new around here -I'm in a monthly book club where my closest friends and I get together to discuss whatever book we've selected to read that month. Of course, we also enjoy a fabulous pot-luck style dinner and wine (lots and lots of wine)'s something I look forward to every month.

There are 13 girls in book club -which is perfect because each of us will host one month out of the year! Last night I hosted book club at my house and it was so much fun!

Of course, I love a good theme (remember my Asian theme last year? The candy sushi is still one of my favorite creations!) anyway, this year I went with a taco bar! Such an easy pot-luck idea and delicious to boot!

I couldn't resist snapping a few photos of the decor (all found on clearance at Target after Cinco De Mayo!)

I kept all the decorations contained in the breakfast nook. No need to decorate the entire house!

For the dinner, I provided the meat (this crock pot recipe...sooo good!) and my guests brought the toppings. It doesn't get much easier than that!

This month we read The Year We Turned Forty: A Novel by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke. It's about three best friends who travel back in time to the year they turned forty -a year that altered the course of their lives. On a mission to correct bad choices and do better, will their efforts lead to happier lives or create new problems? In the end, they have to decide to stay or go back to present day...

Everyone LOVED this book (myself included)! It was a quick read -perfect for those summer days by the pool!

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! I will be at the Artesian Arts Festival! :-)

Happy Friday!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Small Things

Now that it's been five and a half years two months since my last blog post, I figured I should probably give a quick update. On one hand, I look back on the last two months and think to myself, "I have nothing to report ...wake, work, eat, sleep, repeat."  Isn't that what we're all doing these days? Just surviving...barely. The daily grind has a way of taking over, we become stagnant and consumed by mindless tasks and responsibilities. Forgetting to savor the small things...

Like lime snow cones infused with salt, reminding you that summer is almost here.

The smell of chicken kabobs on the grill, marinated in your mother's special sauce. Anticipating that first bite of charred pineapple, guaranteed to melt in your mouth.

A wind blown-sunshiny-day exploring the Oklahoma countryside.

Learning to make your favorite (caprese) salad, using fresh herbs -there's nothing better than fresh herbs.

Beautiful roses delivered to your doorstep, just because.

A serendipitous shopping trip, which resulted in bringing home that item you've been pining for for months (at a discount no less).

The perfect date night: front row parking, dining over the sunset on Lake Hefner and dancing the night away under a shower of confetti and the familiarity of old tunes.

So many wonderful small things.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

baby shower, backyard plans and so forth.

These photos were taken at a sip & see/ diaper shower I co-hosted a few weeks ago. It was simple & lovely. The menu included chicken salad over your choice of croissant or cracker, french bread with a delicious garlic-butter spread, chips, grapes, thumbprint cookies & white cake with raspberry filling. Minimalistic & understated. Since the birth of Pinterest we (ladies) have killed ourselves trying to keep up. We spend hours crafting elaborate birthday parties, baby showers & bridal showers... while I can appreciate a beautiful tissue paper flower & a perfectly placed garland, it's not always necessary. Anyway it was a lovely evening filled with yummy food & baby cuddles, what more could we need?

Spring came early this year & while I am a little sad we didn't get any snow, I am excited by the prospect of spending more time outside. I moved into my house nearly three years ago (this summer will mark 3 years) & in that time I have successfully avoided anything having to do with my backyard. It has so much potential to be a beautiful oasis (see the house tour from when I moved in here) but the hot tub is broken, the landscaping is overwhelming & the deck is in rough shape. I can't tell you how intimidated I am by the jungle behind my house...I can't even look out my window without stressing out over the daunting workload that awaits me back there!

This is what it looks like now:

I've spent a lot of time thinking about my priorities in the backyard & have decided to remove the hot tub. It's old & not worth fixing. I've hired someone to remove the tub & repair the deck. He's scheduled to start today! I am so excited!

After the deck is repaired & stained, I am going to move the table & chairs to the lower deck (where the hot tub sits now). I plan on getting a fire pit like this one to put in front of the bench & maybe a few potted plants to bring in some color (as well as new bench cushions & an umbrella for my table).

I cannot wait to have this space completed! I'm dreaming of cookouts, cozy nights by the fire & coffee on the patio. Pure bliss.

Sweet potato chicken soup with thyme -my new favorite. So fresh for spring but warm and comforting after a long day at work. (It's chicken noodle soup but instead of noodles, use sweet potatoes -toss in thyme at the end. Delish!)

What else...

I'm on snapchat (late to the party, I know) find me:  @orrbritt

I somehow managed to snag Kyle Jenner's lip kit & I was surprised at how much I liked it! See how it looks here.

A few of my favorite things on the internet:

For Us -this is so wrong.

How theSkimm's first employee got her amazing job. Love Kaylin -I've worked with her as a skimm'bassador and she is awesome!

Did you know you can get a free MAC lipstick? You're welcome.

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2016 accessories.

SoulCycle instructor auditions. I wan't to try this workout so bad! Please come to Oklahoma!

Color Story.  My new favorite iPhone photo editing app that allows you to design and save your own filters.  *btw I used it on the photos in this post -excluding the photo of my backyard. 

I pay my own wages for housework.  -I swear this was written about my life because I couldn't agree more!

"You can’t always fix the shit that’s stressing you out, but you can always scrub down the stove. You can make something better, more beautiful, more correct."


"It’s 2016, and my home has nothing to do with a husband. When I wash dishes in my apartment, I don’t feel frigid or desperate or condemned. Rather, I feel calm, productive, and capable. I feel like I’m putting things right, and carving out a quiet space for my mind to rest while my hands are busy."


Okay if you made it to the end of this post you're my best friend.

Have a wonderful day!